Wednesday, 23 May 2012


First I have to apologies for the lengthy photo post but I really couldn't cut any from the series as they all bought the story of The Old Rock Factory to life!
Some of you may or may not know the studio space but here it is. A place for creatives to be..well creative! As you can see Robin Ross the owner has his own printing studio located on the first floor and it is filled with lots of interesting things from the actual screen prints, paint pots, work areas and all with the back drop of a beautiful old factory setting.
Robin holds many printing sessions here for people of all ages and on a daily basis is there to make his own art work in which he exhibits all over the world.
The annual event 'Sand, Sea and Spray' that features Robin (and who has also curated it!) will be held in Blackpool on the 16th June this year. Over three days the town will be 'sprayed' by various artists in various urban locations. Want to know more? Click here.

I think its great that Blackpool finally has studio spaces for creatives to work in and I urge anyone who is passing to pop into the factory!


  1. that's brilliant, where is the space? will check out the deets on this event

  2. Hi Mat, its on Abingdon St where Brighthouse shop is down that ally on the right. You will see a sign if you look down there!
    The event will be superb with lots of things happening all over the pool!