Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I am currently an 'apprentice' on Project Object where we will meet weekly to develop a card model based around the templates designed by Bonkers Clutterbucks. We are sourcing images and inspiration from the archives at Blackpool Library and as you can see from the second image down I have focused on the Blackpool Tower Circus acts from before the war.
Working with Peter and Kate we gain an insight into the world of taking a product to market. So far we have heard from the buyers at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and learnt how Bonkers Clutterbucks started their business with modelling kits for children. Its just all so much fun!
For more information and where you can buy some of the lovely models seen above check out Bonkers Clutterbucks site here -


  1. this is great, i've never heard of this. where did it take place? what was your involvement?

    thank you for the very kind comment, glad you enjoy some of my shots. i like to try keep things simple but i general i'm obsessed with packing, labels, colour, fonts ect so i'm always looking for stuff, not for any particular reason other than my love for it.

  2. Hi Mat, its through the arts council (more details here My workshops are on at the Solaris for another two weeks and we are basically apprentices helping to develop a product. Ours is the card models working with Bonkers Clutterbucks.

    I am the same with branding, I love a quirky and new packaging especially when you find them in places such as ASDA lol

  3. love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses

  4. Hi Loana, thanks for following!