Monday, 28 January 2013

Duck Street

For those of you who love to thrift, scavenge, reclaim or just generally 'do it yourself' Duck Street is the place for you!
After a ride through the countryside, lots of windy roads and a few false turns we (me and Robin Ross) finally arrived over Wyre at Duck Street. As you turn into the yard you see two large storage units. One is crammed to the ceiling with furniture the other with all the nick knacks you can expect to see in any second hand store. The difference is you get to rummage though and then make the owner an offer for the item. Some things have price labels but if you are buying in bulk or more than one item then make them an offer.
As I am currently looking for old photographs for my recent commission 'The Found Project' I was delighted to come across a family album spanning thirty years. It is detailed with holidays, first trips abroad and the Honeymoon of the mystery couple. Its a love story you can not refuse to love!

So if you want to go to Duck Street just google Duck Street Pilling and you will get directions. Happy thrifting!


  1. Went to Duck Street and had a good rummage through a skip, accompanied by the lovely, talented Colette x

  2. whoa there, never heard of this place and it's so close too. so it is actually called duck street or is that just the street it's on?