Tuesday, 12 June 2012


London 2012! What a fab weekend in London, I have taken so many photos this blog is rather long and there will be a second part...maybe even a third.
Here is a selection of the black and white images I took with my PEN, I love the street photography style and thought the gritty black and white grainy filter really adds to the urban atmosphere.
I find street photography quite liberating as you are literally pointing the camera at people who you don't know. In that split second you can get some great facial expressions and the results are usually quite interesting although I am not sure you would get the same reaction to the camera anywhere else in the country? Who knows maybe I will snap up the streets and people of Blackpool?


  1. funny how we never bump into each other in town, i'm always there somewhere. glad you got some snaps in london, i didn't take one, it was so wet

  2. Matt, lets have a coffee! Next week sometime, I would like you feedback on my T-Shirts being the fashionista of Blackpool!

  3. Streets of London are already a good place to start photography.